AMTuned Private Label Timing Kit - Audi 4.2L 40V B6 / B7 S4 & Allroad

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Kits are assembled to order and typically ship in 2-4 Business Days. When comparing our kits, be sure to include competitors sprocket and solenoid solution into the equation!

Introducing our new private label timing kit! We always strive to help keep costs down for consumers when it comes to keeping their vehicles on the road! As the leader in the 4.2L Audi market, we have seen that chain stretch is almost non existent with even very high mileage engines. The little stretch that is present is well within the range of what tensioners can compensate for. Our new Minimalist and Enthusiast kit takes this into consideration and leaves the timing chains out of replacement items. We do recommend to replace any chains that have come into direct metal/metal contact from a component failure. This kit has two versions for purchase depending on your needs with both versions being more complete for actual needed items than all of the competition. Below is a break down of both kit options for purchase. 


AMTuned Private Label Minimalist Kit:

  • 2x Upper Plastic Guides
  • 2x Solenoid Gaskets
  • Left RS4 Main Chain Guide
  • Top RS4 Main Chain Guide
  • Bank 1 Tensioner Guide
  • Main Chain Tensioner Guide
  • Bank 2 Plastic Guide
  • Bank 1 Plastic Guide
  • 2x Exhaust Cam Sprocket Bolts
  • 2x Intake Cam Sprocket Bolts
  • Bank 1 & 2 Upper Timing Cover Metal Gasket
  • Valve Cover Gasket Set
  • Larger Tensioner Gasket
  • Bank 1 & 2 EGR Gaskets
  • Intake Manifold Gasket Set
  • Permatex Ultra Grey Sealant
  • Rear Main Seal

AMTuned Private Label Enthusiast Kit: Includes everything in beginner kit with addition of:

  • AMTuned Remachined Timing Sprockets

AMTuned Private Label Ultimate Timing Kit: Includes everything in enthusiast kit with the addition of:

  • 4 Timing Chains
  • AMTuned Electronic Solenoid Kit

For customers looking to do a hybrid between the kits utilizing the Minimalist or Enthusiast kit, our electronic solenoid kit, but without timing chains. Please check out with the enthusiast kit, and also add our Electronic Solenoid Kit.

We only accept OEM sprockets as core returns. 

Mail core sprockets or complete adjusters for a rebuild to: AMTuned LLC 5079 North Dixie Hwy #159. Oakland Park, FL 33334

International Non USA customers MUST select to send in their sprockets prior. We do not offer a core program for international use. 

Sprocket Kit Installation Video Here: VIDEO LINK