Audi 3.0L Supercharged (B8/8.5 S4, SQ5, A7) Piston Package

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Tired of playing the guessing game on what components to install in your engine to handle more power? Let us help! Our forged internal kits are a perfect way to stop worrying about what may or may not work!

JE Pistons is our exclusive supplier of our in-house designs. We have designed these pistons with the "mild to wild" spectrum of enthusiast in mind. Components and piston design are capable of handling over 250 HP per piston (1500hp per set). Compression ratio is 9.5:1, 93 Series pins to handle whatever you throw at it, Nitride ring package suitable for Sleeved Iron Bore engines as well as factory Alusil bores, Offset pin design to promoto smooth and quiet engine operation for increased longetevity paired with JE's 2618 Alloy because it is the best! These pistons can work in a bore range of 3.3267” through 3.3279”. Exceeding this bore range may bring cold start piston slap. Pistons are designed to work with our AMTuned Saenz connecting rods as well as factory connecting rids.


  • AMTuned Design JE Piston 2618 Alloy, 93 Series Pins, Nitride Ring Package, Tuff Coat Skirt Coating

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