Audi 3.2L Stroker Kit for 3.0 Supercharged Engines

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Currently in production after initial test components were made to confirm acceptance and necessary clearance. First kits will be shipping out early September 2024. 

The AMTuned 3.2L Stroker Kit for the 3.0L Supercharged engine variants. This kit is not compatible with CREC or CREH engines. The donor crank needed to work with this kit is out of an Audi A6 3.2L (Pre supercharged model) and not included in this kit. 

Our initial intent was to see if we can use connecting rods and or pistons from one of the two (3.2 or 3.0) models to make a more economical solution, but unfortunately that will not work. The 3.2L A6 Engine comes from the factory with powdered steel connecting rods which go through a sintering process for hardening. They are actually the same material and similar in dimensions as a 4.2L BHF factory connecting rod. On the 4.2's we know for a fact that those connecting rods let go at around 65whp/55wtq~ per connecting rod which would not make it suitable for use on the supercharged platform. The factory 3.0 connecting rods which are stout also cannot be used as they are too tall with too large of a pin. The pin would not only interfere with the oiling ring, but it would also interfere with the second ring. 3.2L pistons cannot be used as compression is too high. 3.0L pistons cannot be used as they are too tall. 

The only viable solution that can handle all the power people want to throw at it is a newly designed fully forged rotating assembly while using the 3.2L factory forged crankshaft. Our aftermarket components are all rated to handle 250hp per cylinder. The donor 3.2L crankshaft has the same main and conrod journal sizes as the 3.0's. Our connecting rods were made for use with 3.0L yellow marked conrod bearings. Yellow top: 06E-105-701-S-GLB / Yellow Bottom: 06E-105-701-R-GLB. 

Kit includes:

  • AMTuned designed JE Pistons package. 9.5:1 Compression Coated skirts, Nitride ring packs, 93 series pins, and pin locks. 
  • AMTuned designed Saenz Performance connecting rods. 
  • ARP L19 3/8" connecting rod hardware