Audi 4.2L 32 Valve BNS / BYH / CAUA (B7 RS4 / Gen1 R8 V8, B8 S5) Connecting rod's

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Introducing our AMTuned 4.2 32v connecting rods manufactured by Saenz Performance for aftermarket or factory piston installation (These will not mate with factory V8 R8 pistons). These connecting rods have been designed with FEA analysis to ensure strength and performance for this exact specification. Designed to hold 250hp per connecting rod spinning at 9k rpm! That is 2,000 HP worth of confidence for you 4.2L 32V engine! These connecting rods have a tapered small end and will work with factory or aftermarket pistons. These connecting rods are designed to work with factory style bearings. We can also produce this item in 300M or Titanium on a quote first basis for those looking to hold even more power.

*SAE 4340 Sourced In The USA

*154mm CC length

*20mm Tapered Small End

*Comes with King XP Series Bearings (See comments below)

There is a strict 30% restocking fee on canceled orders for this product regardless of in stock status. King bearings has many revisions of these bearings which have different bearing tang locations based on production year runs. Because of this we cannot verify which production year run will be included in your set. Some bearings will drop right in to the con-rod tang positions, Some will not have any bearing tangs on them, and some may need to file down 1/2 of the bearing tangs. Bearing tangs on these pinch bearings are only there for easier install and have zero effect on proper operation of your engine. If you have never filed down a bearing tang, we can walk you through it!