Audi 4.2L Bare Block Sleeving

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Bare block sleeving service for all 4.2L Audi engines. This service includes the sleeves and final bore touch out. Shipping to/from our location is not included. This service is great to pair with our Piston & Connecting rod combinations! 

We are the only company in the world utilizing our proprietary block prep service prior to machining the block. This in-house developed service allows us to run a factory bore size and not cheat by using a smaller OD sleeve and a tiny piston. This results in engines that are more powerful with factory displacement over the competition. Our service removes the risk of the vapor ports between the bores cracking behind the sleeves and leaking coolant down into the crankcase. Below is a picture of a block that did not have our block prep service. We removed the sleeves to find cracked coolant passages between the bores and visible signs of coolant entering the crankcase. 

Blocks are to be shipped to us bare and must include the guide frame. Be sure to remove the oil jets! Our sleeved blocks are always torque plated to ensure a true bore with your cylinder heads clamped down. Head bolt/stud option must be disclosed to us for proper torque plating method. Blocks will have bores sprayed down with rust inhibiting wax spray. 

Our sleeved blocks work with factory pistons/rings as well as our aftermarket JE piston packages! 

service includes:

  • Proprietary block service prior to sleeving to ensure no cracking and coolant leakage between bores.
  • Sleeved V8 4.2L engine with LA Flanged type AMTuned spec sleeves. 
  • Plateau hone final bore finish
  • Final bore sizing available from 3.3070” - 3.3290”. We can help you choose!