Audi BHF / BBK 4.2 Main Bearing Set + Thrust Washer Set

Regular price $938.25


This is for a complete main bearing set including thrust washers. Includes 5 top main bearings, 5 bottom main bearings, and thrust washer set. This is a order in item from Germany and typically ships to consumer in 5-10 business days after purchase. 

*we need to know the bearing color allocation for your engine. It is stamped on the bank 2 side of your engine near the front edge of the guide frame. There are 5 letters stamped which will either be (G, R, or B). Please include the 5 letters in the comment section when finalizing your order. Pricing reflects all Yellow shells which are the most common. The upper yellow shell is very expensive. A partial refund will be issued depending on final color shells needed.