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Audi R8 V8 4.2L Twin Turbo Kit

Regular price $7,699.95

First kits are scheduled to be shipping in May 2024. Pictures will be uploaded when first production run is complete.

Introducing the AMTuned V8 R8 4.2L 2006-2015 Twin Turbo Tuner kit! This tuner kit gives customers the bare bones foundation removing the harder to achieve fabrication aspect of modifying your vehicle. Customers have the opportunity to choose their own intercooler options which widely vary in the market. After initial production we will be releasing a full bolt on intercooled kit later in 2024. Our kits are designed to give customers the ultimate street-able enjoyment of throttle response and power on demand. The higher output kit options pair great with our AMTuned Built Engines.

This kit will bolt onto your factory exhaust flanges right behind your catalytic converters. Modification of the catalytic converters is highly recommended as material within them can break off and damage the turbines. Wastegates are external on each bank, they are plumbed back into the merged downpipe. Installation of a AN bung into your oil reservoir is required for the oil drains on the turbo chargers, a weld on bung for the oil reservoir is included in the kit. Coolant, oil lines, and fittings for the turbochargers are included. No permanent chassis modification is required.

Kit contains many turbo options from wallet friendly reliable Pulsar units and also genuine Garrett units. We recommend the G25 Series for those looking to stay within the stock rev limits of the vehicle as the turbine size is smaller limiting flow on the top end, and the G30 series for those looking to make bigger power or rev past the factory rev limit. Turbo options are as follows:

  • PSR Mirrored 4849G (G25 Series) Turbo's. 550-900BHP Goal
  • PSR Mirrored 5449G (G25 Series) Turbo's. 650-1050BHP Goal
  • PSR Mirrored 5455G (G30 Series) Turbo's. 650-1150BHP Goal
  • PSR Mirrored 5855G (G30 Series) Turbo's. 700-1300BHP Goal
  • PSR Mirrored 6255G (G30) Series Turbo's. 800-1600BHP Goal
  • Garrett Mirrored G25-550 Turbo's. 550-900BHP Goal
  • Garrett Mirrored G25-660 Turbo's. 650-1050BHP Goal
  • Garrett Mirrored G30-660 Turbo's. 650-1150BHP Goal
  • Garrett Mirrored G30-770 Turbo's. 700-1300BHP Goal
  • Garrett Mirrored G30-900 Turbo's. 900-1700BHP Goal

Kit contents:

  • Two Mirrored Turbocharger Options
  • Ceramic Coated Turbine Housings
  • Two Turbosmart Compgate 40mm Wastegates w/ all springs
  • Ceramic Coated Stainless Cast Turbo Manifolds
  • Ceramic Coated Stainless Merged Downpipe
  • Black Nylon Braided Turbo Coolant Lines & Fittings
  • Stainless Braided Turbo Oil Feed & Drain Lines & Fittings
  • Two K&N Air Filters