Audi RS4 BNS / S5 CAU 4.2L Engine Seal Kit

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This is a engine reseal kit for the full long block without any accessory seals included. Accessory seals can be described as oil cooler, oil filter housing, water pump, etc. Ships in 3-5 business days as this is an order in item. We use a mixture of OEM Audi, Victor Reinz, and Elring Components. These are the same items we use on our engine rebuild program for the RS4 & S5 4.2L engines. 

Kit Includes:

  • Head Gasket Bank 1
  • Head Gasket Bank 2
  • Valve Cover Gasket Bank 1
  • Valve Cover Gasket Bank 2
  • Spark Plug Tube Seal Kit Bank 1
  • Spark Plug Tube Seal Kit Bank 2
  • Upper Timing Cover Water Tube O-Rings
  • Front Main Seal
  • Rear Main Seal
  • Valley Pan O-Ring
  • Valley Pan Gasket
  • Cam Bore Block Off Caps
  • Oil Pump & Tube O-Rings
  • Block O-Rings between Guide Frame & Upper Oil Pan
  • Block O-Rings between Guide Frame & Engine Block
  • Permatex Ultra Grey Sealant