Jackal Motorsports B8/B8.5 3.0TFSI Tune

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Jackal Motorsports Stage 1, 2 and 2+ tunes are fully available for your 3.0TFSI! 

We also have WMI (water meth Injection) options for each stage, as well as E40 for Dual pulley.

Tunes include our jackal  DSG tune!!

Modifications are required for each stage and are as follows:

  • Stage 1 – Aftermarket intake or drop in filter is required. (heat exchanger and catback exhaust recommended)
  • Stage 2 – Single pulley (190-192mm crank pulley recommended), Aftermarket air intake, and heat exchanger is required. (Test pipes or highflow catted downpipes recommended)
  • Stage 2+ – Dual pulley ratio, HPFP upgrade, aftermarket air intake, heat exchanger, and  full exhaust with test pipes is required.
  • Stage 2+ E40 – ALL stage 2+ mods plus mix of 40% ethanol (Ethanol gauge strongly suggested)

In house flashing available, as well as remote flashing with our Jackal Tuning cable.

NOTE: With our jackal flasher, once you purchase an initial tune, you are able to upgrade between stages as you modify the car for FREE!! Anytime! No more paying for upgrades or to flash back to stock nonsense here!

Unlike our competition, once you purchase a tune/cable with us, you can flash between stages or stock, anytime, for FREE! Yes, you read that correctly. Want to go stage 1 for now, and in the future upgrade hard parts for stage 2 or higher? simply install the parts, log back in and flash whatever stage you’d like, for absolutely FREE! Jackal does not charge you for updates or flashing back to stock! Our tune prices also INCLUDE tcu tuning! No being forced to pay for a tcu tune! Ours comes as a full package!


Our DSG Tune includes

  • Smoother shifting/driving all across the board
  • Lighting fast upshifts
  • Faster down shifts
  • Improved launch at 3200 RPMS
  • Much improved, and faster shifting AMAX
  • Faster up/down shifts in manual mode

Below are the expected gains, at the wheels, per stage, on a healthy car (over stock)


Stage 1 – Gains of +78whp/64ftlbs 

Stage 2 – Gains of +130whp/126ftlbs

Stage 2+ – Gains of 165whp/150ftlbs

Stage 2+ E40 – Gains of 185whp/193ftlbs

(Note: these are uncorrected numbers, not dynojet numbers)