Borg Warner S364.5 SX-E 8780 64.5/73 13009097055

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80lbs / min approx 800 horsepower

S364.5 AKA 64.5/73 AKA 64.5-73 SX-E

BorgWarner Turbo Systems Aftermarket is pleased to announce the release of the AirWerks® SX-E super core assemblies for performance applications. .

S300 SX-E super cores contain the following exciting new features:

  • 360 degree thrust bearing
  •  Compressor cover integrated speed sensor port and pre-machined boost port
  •  Flexible compressor cover outlet options (S300SX-E only)
  •  Forged milled (billet) compressor wheels with extended tip technology
  •  Optimized compressor stage aerodynamics
  •  Interchangeable with existing turbine housings for upgradability

The BorgWarner super core assembly consists of the compressor cover attached to the cartridge, all cartridge to turbine housing mounting hardware, clamp plates, cap screws and mounting gaskets. Speed sensor and turbine outlet V-band are not included with turbo assemblies. 

Compressor Specs:

- Borg Warner 4" Inlet 2.5" outlet compressor housing with port shroud map width enhancement, pre tapped for speed sensor and pressure port. (parts not included and will need to drill through)
- 64.5mm inducer 87.37mm exducer FMW Forged Milled Wheel (Billet)

Turbine Housing Option:

  • 177210 0.88 AR Open Scroll T4
  • 177207 0.91 AR Twin Scroll T4
  • 177209 1.00 AR Twin Scroll T4