Supertech Exhaust Dual Valve Spring Set for Audi S4 B5 2.7T SPR-H1002D-AU X12

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SPR-H1002D-AU X12

  • Type: Dual Spring
  • OutSpr.OD: 29.05mm
  • OutSpr.ID: 21.85mm
  • InnSpr.OD: 20.5mm
  • InnSpr.ID: 15.5mm
  • Press.Seat: 80lbs @33.20
  • Press.Open: 180 @10mm
  • Max Lift: 14mm
  • Coil Bind: 19.5mm
  • Rate: 10.0mm

 Must be used with Seat Locator's part# SEAT-H1000. Complete set of 16 to cover exhaust valvetrain components of BHF / BBK engine. To be used with Supertech single groove valves, Keepers, Retainers, and Springs.

Ships directly to consumer from manufacturer.