Turbosmart FPR2000 Fuel Pressure Regulator -8AN (Black,Blue,Red,Purple)

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TS-0401-1105, TS-0401-1106, TS-0401-1111, TS-0401-1112

Turbosmart’s FPR2000 is a motorsport proven fuel pressure regulator capable of supporting up to 2000HP fuel systems. With Stainless Steel valve and seat, MILSPEC diaphragm and industry leading 1:1 fuel ratio control, there’s no application to harsh for the FPR2000. Available in Black, Blue, Red and Purple the FPR200 is easily at home in race application or modified street car.

Featuring two -8AN inlet ports, one -8AN return port and 1/8NPT gauge port, 30-90 PSI base pressure adjustment, 1:1 ratio, premium MILSPEC diaphragm and stainless steel valve + seat allow for ANY fuel type including E85 and is suitable for engines with up to 2000hp fuel systems. Turbosmart FPR’s feature a non-directional bias to regulation, so no matter where the fuel comes in they will regulate the same.

3 x -8AN ports
1/8″ NPT gauge port
Capable of regulating up to 2000hp of fuel flow 
1:1 manifold pressure ratio with no load losses 
30-90psi base pressure range 
Stainless steel internals providing maximum integrity and reliability 
Suitable for all fuel types 
Operational between -35ºC to +200ºC 
MILSPEC diaphragm 
Pressure port 1/16 NPT with hose end nipple
Manufactured, assembled and Validated in-house at Turbosmart HQ

Size -8AN


Fuel Pressure Regulator
Mounting bracket
Retaining clip
Vacuum fitting
Gauge port blank
Turbosmart Decal

Why buy a Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator?
All Turbosmart FPRs are CNC machined in house from billet aluminium + stainless steel and hand-assembled and tested to ensure maximum precision. Turbosmart FPR’s have been designed to provide smooth and stable fuel pressure delivery under all conditions from idle to full throttle and are suitable for use with both electric and mechanical fuel pumps. The FPR range features an easy screw and lock adjustment and provide a stable 1:1 ratio between fuel pressure and manifold pressure. Each FPR is backed by a variety of accessories such as fuel rail adapters, gauges and fittings to suit most popular makes and models. 

What is a Fuel Pressure Regulator? 
A fuel pressure regulator’s job is to maintain constant fuel pressure above the intake manifold pressure. Most commonly fitted to the Fuel rail as injectors require a greater feed pressure than inlet manifold pressure, in order to provide adequate fuel spray for fuel injected vehicles.

When do I need to Install one? Or upgrade my factory one?
The installation of performance fuel injectors or a high-flow fuel pump requires the use of an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator to allow pressure adjustments while maintaining a stable base pressure. They can also be used to maximise a standard fuel system’s ability to cope with minor power modifications.

What does FPR800, or 1200 mean?
Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulators are not rated for your target engine horsepower - Rather, they are rated based on your fuel system capability. The capacity of a Fuel Pressure Regulator is put ot the test when you need to bypass fual back to the tank, ratehr than use it. So it's not how much HP your engine makes - IT's how much suply your pump & fuel system has that could need to be returned to the tank under situations likes declaration or at idle

Will Turbosmart FPR work on a Semi Dead-Head System?
Yes. The Turbosmart FPR range is a regulator and it doesn't matter where you fit it, it will accurately regulate the pressure of the fuel circuit, no matter where on the car you have installed it.

Can these Handle Race Fuel?
Yes. With Turbosmart's Unique Diaphragm, stainless salve and seat we've designed, proven and validated these regulators with the harshest types of fuels around, including Methanol, Lead Race Fuel and E85.