VF Supercharger Kit & AMTuned Spec Kit for Audi B6 B7 S4 4.2L

Regular price $7,900.00

Option 1: Stock Engine Kit / $8,495.00

  • Power: 375+ whp (Figures are from VF and computed to wheel measurements)
  • 5.5~ PSI at sea level
  • Cast intake manifold
  • Water cooled cartridge
  • Eaton TVS1900 supercharger
  • ECU software flash
  • US Model [VF Part # VFK80-01]
  • EU Model [VF Part # VFK80-02]
  • Lead time for delivery after payment is about 4-12 weeks. 

Option 2: AMTuned Spec Tuner Kit for Built Engine's $12,995.00

  • Items from VF will be delivered to AMTuned for manifold modifications
  • Modified to be paired with AMTuned Stage 1 & 1+ Engines
  • Modified charger manifold with pre-installed port meth injection and AIT sensor
  • Power: 500WHP+(600bhp+) / 450 WFT/LB+ depending on elevation
  • 13~ PSI at sea level
  • FIC E85 Safe Flow Matched Injectors
  • E85 Safe 450lph fuel pump
  • Modified Fuel Filter
  • AMTuned Intake with upgraded MAF
  • K&N Cone Filter
  • Aftermarket fuel pump bracket
  • Tuning software is not included for this kit. We recommend contacting Jackal motorsports directly for your tuning needs. AMTuned exclusively uses Jackal Motorsports.
  • Lead time for delivery after payment varies anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks based on supplied parts from VF Engineering. Contact us to get a more specified window.
  • This kit requires some electrical splicing/soldering for the new MAF, IAT sensor, methanol injection kit and fuel pump.

Disclaimer: This product is not compliant with the California Air Resource Board and not for use on public roads in California.This applies to any aftermarket product that does not display a CARB EO#. Power ratings are subject to conditions and dynamometer model used. Learn more > Software tuning provided is designed around the stock vehicle. Any major changes in airflow components such as high flow cats or enlarged throttle body diameters may require custom tuning optimization which VF does not include or provide.